We'd love you to be part of our church

At HBC we reckon God is granting the baby boomer generation longevity to keep growing in their maturity and be part of expanding the kingdom. We love seeing seniors come to know Jesus for the first time, and play a special role in the life of our church. While there's groups for various ages and life circumstances, we're also convinced of the value of cross generational involvement and encouragement.

We have several programs for seniors at HBC... Please call Rob (0407 783600) & Jill (0422 019973) for more information about anything on this page.



Monthly Get-togethers

We value the opportunity to catch up and even meet new friends. We arrange get-togethers every month for the ladies and every few months for the guys.

Girls coffee morning in a relaxed and friendly environment at "Habitat," Adamstown. 10am on the first Monday of the month. Contact Jill (0422 019973) for more details.



NextPhase Events

NextPhase are seminars we run every 2 months. We get together to hear a talk that emphasises ageing well mentally, physically and spiritually. All welcome!

NextPhase: Fire and Faith
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Christianity Explored

For anyone who's interested in finding out more about Christianity, we run Christianity Explored. A short course that runs over several weeks in a relaxed manner. Just sit back and listen, or ask whatever questions you like.

If there's only one life to live, it's worth taking time to think what's it all about.


Maturity and Pastoral Care

Hunter Bible Church encourages everyone to be part of a regular small group that meets to read the bible together and pray together. We call them Growth Groups; Growing in our knowledge and love for Jesus and each other.

This is also where the majority of pastoral care happens at Hunter Bible Church. Together with Growth Groups, we're involved in meeting the needs of seniors at HBC.