The whole God, Jesus, Christian thing...

We reckon some people just want to hear it all laid out simply.

Some just want to listen, others want to ask their own questions.

That’s what the LIFE Series is all about.



What is the LIFE Series?

Over six relaxed sessions we lay it all on the table; why our lives feel empty, why you can trust the Bible, what the real problem is, and how Jesus changes everything.

Week 1: What am I here for?
Week 2: Is the Bible reliable?
Week 3: What’s the problem?
Week 4: What’s the solution?
Week 5: What happens after death?
Week 6: What's the catch?

There’s one more thing… we think this is more than just interesting information. We think Jesus is someone you need to know about.

The Life Series runs at the HBC Hub (14 Heddon Rd Broadmeadow) and at Eleebana Public School. 

If you’re interested in coming along to any of those, please let us know here. We’d love to meet you.



What is a Christian?

This is one of those questions you can answer many ways. A Christian is a forgiven sinner, an undeserving child.

You can check out a great explanation of what Christians believe here: Two Ways to Live.

If you really want a detailed breakdown of what we believe, check out What we believe.

Ask us anything

We’re not afraid of hard questions. If it’s important to you, then it’s important to us. We’d love to show you what God says in the Bible about everything and anything.

Let us know if you’re interested by emailing or contact us.