Nick is a Unichurch member, who was sent on a placement for his study. While there, he met Ash, and over time they talked about Nick’s involvement at church. Ash had some basic experiences of church as a kid but when she left home, life filled up with work, study, partying and relationships; church just didn't fit in. Nick talked positively about what being part of the Unichurch family was like, and invited Ash to check out HBC. Ash was living a long way from her family, and had recently broken up with a boyfriend, so meeting new people sounded like a good idea. It was a natural step for Ash to go from visiting Unichurch, to checking out the LIFE course.

At LIFE, Ash didn't just meet new people; she met the real Jesus, hearing the complete and honest gospel for the first time. Ash came to understand that she was living in a way that denied God as the ruler of her life, and that this was sin. She learned that death has come because of sin, and that her relationship with God and others is broken. But she also learned the wonderful hope of forgiveness and new life. John 3:16 says “For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only son, that whoever believes in him shall not die, but have eternal life.” This love, this relationship with her creator and his people, was the void that Ash had felt in her life. She made the choice to ask God for forgiveness, and decided to live her life with God in charge, because Jesus saves!

Since that day, there have been many changes for Ash. She now attends church to encourage and spend time with other believers, and gives up her free time to serve at further LIFE courses, so that others will hear about Jesus and be saved too.  She tries to spend time strengthening her relationship with God through reading the bible and praying. For Ash, accepting Jesus’s sacrifice has also meant submitting her choices and values to God’s, and relying on the Holy Spirit to transform her thinking to reflect God’s will. She doesn't always find it easy, but Ash now has the support and love of her church family.

Praise God that He chose to save Ash and that he has worked in her to transform her mind. How wonderful it is that she now finds completeness in Him!


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