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WAVE Kids Club

A great holiday week

Jan 14-18 2019


WAVE Kids Club

A great holiday week

Jan 14-18 2019


WAVE Kids Club is for kids of all ages (Creche to Senior High School) to beat the holiday blues!

At WAVE kids club they'll get to meet other kids, have heaps of fun and learn about Jesus. It’s also a great chance for parents to have a break with morning tea and great coffee provided in the Sideline Cafe every morning.

WAVE kicks off on Monday 14th January and finishes on Friday 18th January 2019, at Lambton High School, Young Rd Lambton.

Each day starts at 9am and finished before lunch at 11:30am. 

WAVE costs just $5 per child per day, $20 for a week-long ticket or $60 maximum for a family, for the whole week.

We want to make the registration and check-in process as easy and safe as possible.

If you’re planning to bring children to WAVE Kids Club, please register them here

If you can’t register online, just turn up at Lambton High School before 9am during WAVE and we'll register your child when you arrive.


WAVE Kids [Creche to Yr8]

9am – 11:30am | Mon – Fri

lambton high school | From Jan 14

For kids as little as babies all the way up to teenagers going in to Year 8, WAVE runs from 9am – 11:30am, Monday to Friday.

Check-in opens at 8:50am and if you've registered online, it's a smooth process to see your kids off to their sections and grab a free coffee for yourself.

Sensory Room available if required. Click here for more info.


WAVE Youth [YrS9–12]

7pM – 9pM | MON – FRI

14 heddon Rd Broadmeadow | FROM JAN 14

During WAVE week, the older kids don't miss out. Senior Youth [Yrs9–12] runs in the evenings from 7 – 9pm at the HBC Hub, 14 Heddon Rd, Broadmeadow

These guys have a great time hanging out, getting messy and doing all manner of things we usually only hear about later… because the kids had a ball! Each night they dig into a big area of life and what Jesus has to say about it.




9am – 11:30am | MON – FRI

free coffee, sweets & great topics

After your child has been dropped off and is having a ball at WAVE, please plan to hang around in the WAVE Cafe.

There’s FREE barista-made coffee and treats for the adults, along with intriguing sessions and interviews that will have you reflecting for days to come.


WAVE family Pool Party

5pm Friday 18th Jan

To celebrate a great week, take the arvo off work and come to Mayfield Pool with your family. Bring a picnic rug and some food and meet the WAVE Leaders who've been hanging out with your kids all week.

(Please note that children will remain the responsibility of their parents and carers at the pool.)


Making Wave a great week

All the info you need

Making Wave a great week

All the info you need

What do I need to bring? 

It's really important that you make sure your child wears a hat and sunscreen. (But don't worry, if you forget sunscreen we've got some there for when you arrive).

We will look after kids morning tea and we'll make sure they get enough water to drink, so you don't even have to worry about bringing a drink bottle. If your kids have special diets, we'll do our best to look after them, but feel free to pack something for them if they really are particular about their food.

If we've planned a water-play day for your child's age group, we'll let you know via SMS the day before.



Once you arrive, there’s an opportunity to put on sunscreen and insect repellent (we recommend putting these on your child before arriving at WAVE).

When you’re ready, we'll give your child a name tag. We will also give you a collection sticker, this way, you’re the only person who can collect your child at the end of the day at 11:30am.

Please make sure you’re available to collect your child at 11:30am. If you plan for another adult to collect your child, please give them the collection sticker to use during pick-up, or tell the Registration Leader the name of the adult who will be collecting your child that day.

We take child safety very seriously, therefore we won’t allow unauthorised adults to collect children.


Where do I park?

WAVE is held at Lambton High School (on Young Rd, Lambton). The entrance is at the crossing near the corner of Young Rd and Central St – there’ll be lots of signs and flags – you won’t miss it.

Since there may be lots of families coming, you may need to park in the surrounding streets and walk to the entrance on Young Rd.



WAVE only costs $5 per child per day, $20 for a week-long ticket or $60 maximum per family for the week. WAVE is a non-profit event run by Hunter Bible Church, and all costs are used to cover things like venue rental, materials, activities and morning tea for all the kids.

After you've registered your kids online, please go to the payment page to pay for WAVE via credit card (online payment does incur a $1 processing fee – sorry!)

If you’re not going to be there for the whole week, or you don’t want to pay online, you can always pay at WAVE – after you've dropped off your kids. We are only able to accept cash at WAVE. We’re sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.


WHAT IF My child has additional needs?

At WAVE, we have a team of trained people dedicated to assisting children with additional needs in the Sensory & Additional Needs (SANs) Room.

The purpose of the WAVE Sensory & Additional Needs (SAN) Room is to provide kids with sensory and other additional needs a place to calm down so they can re-join their WAVE section. The WAVE SAN Room Team, also aims to provide WAVE Sections with on-the-spot strategies to help kids stay in their sections.

More information can be found here



WAVE Kids Club is run by members of Hunter Bible Church who have spent much of the past year preparing games, activities and lessons for WAVE.  All WAVE Kids Club leaders are volunteers from our Church community who have been trained by Hunter Bible Church and have completed a NSW Working With Children Check.

During the morning the school gates are locked and there is only one exit and entry and that is on Young Rd. There is also a trained medical professional on site as part of the WAVE team who can treat any accidents if they occur.


Trained and Screened

All the WAVE leaders are trained in their various roles and for the specific age group they are teaching at WAVE. We take child protection very seriously, so all the WAVE leaders have completed a NSW Working with Children Check. In fact, all their Working with Children Check details are available so you can even check them out yourself.


ROLE models for your kids

Because the WAVE leaders are all about 18-24 years old, they are the natural role models for kids in primary school and high school. That’s why we make sure our leaders are the right people for the job. Leaders have to have shown their commitment to their Christian faith in their convictions and their behaviours before being approved.


Let us know if you have any questions or concerns

We want to be an open organisation, so please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about our leaders. Please contact kids@hunterbiblechurch.org or secretary@hunterbiblechurch.org with your details and we'll contact you and listen to anything you have to say.


Check out the Hunter Bible Church Safe Ministry Policy here.


Included in the cost is morning tea for every child. Morning tea is some pieces of fruit, some rice crackers and water. Some sections may give lollies as game rewards also.

We can cater for all dietary requirements, so please do not let this stop your child from coming. When registering your child please make sure you fill out the dietary requirements section so we are aware of this.

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Other Things

Other Things


If you have any questions about WAVE, please contact us at wave@hunterbiblechurch.org or call our Hunter Bible Church office on 02 40231863.


Looking for a church?

We love our church, and we'd love to welcome you along. Hunter Bible Church runs 4 services each Sunday. You can check out all the info at www.hunterbiblechurch.org and we'd love to see you there.