Hunter Bible Church started in April 1989 with 10 people meeting in a lecture theatre at Newcastle University at 4pm on Sunday afternoons. The church was originally called Exposé (exposing the scandal of Christianity 52 Sundays a year). In God’s strength, Exposé wanted to provide an easily accessible, Bible teaching church for out of town uni students who were living on or near the university campus. In 1993, the meeting was renamed “Newcastle Unichurch” to better reflect what we were (a church) and who we were targeting (Newcastle Uni).


By 1995, the church had a number of families with young children attending, and a morning meeting with crèche and Sunday School was started, being run in a number of different houses in the area, before moving to Jesmond High School in 1996. By 2001, most of the people attending the morning meeting of Unichurch had no connection with the university, and the name of the 10am meeting changed to “Hunter Bible Church”, with the evening 7pm student-focused meeting retaining the “Unichurch” name. In 2002, a 5pm meeting of HBC was started, to cater for the growing number of workers, singles, and recent graduates in the church.

Over the years, HBC in various forms, under various names, has met in 17 different locations, in 7 different suburbs. The one thing that has never changed is our commitment to teaching and preaching the word of God, for it is the gospel of the salvation through Jesus Christ that brings forgiveness to the world.