a sign of Christian maturity

We believe that God calls his people to a life of cheerful generosity. This generosity with all that we have is the right and appropriate response to the God who is – and will always be – generous towards us.

Therefore, a Christian’s desire to give to church should spring from this generosity, and not from feeling pressured or forced to do so. That’s one of the reasons we never “pass a plate” around during our Sunday meetings, but we encourage and challenge each other through the scriptures to grow in our generosity.

At Hunter Bible Church we believe that those who are part of our Church Family will want to share the costs of staffing and facilitating our shared conviction to be a growing and grounded church for Christ. The most helpful way our members can share in covering these Kingdom Costs is by setting up an automatic transfer from their bank account to the Church bank account.


Giving to Hunter Bible church

If you would like to give towards the ministry of Hunter Bible Church we would appreciate your support. You can either use the Credit Card service on the right, or arrange a direct debit or transfer from your bank account.

To transfer your giving directly to Hunter Bible Church, the account detail are below. We encourage people to use a unique identifier of their own choice and to include their congregation in the description.

Church account name: Hunter Bible Church
Church BSB number: 062831
Church Account number: 10012160

To assist in the recording and appropriate distribution of your support, it would be helpful if the ‘Payment Description’ followed this convention:
“[Donor’sCongregation] [Donor’sOptionalID]”

To give a one-off amount by credit card, you can click below to donate online.

If you would like to support our HBC Apprentices doing the MTS (Ministry Training Strategy), please see the full details here. Gifts to Support MTS Apprentices at HBC are Tax Deductible.


Paying for Special Events

If you're a HBC member and looking to pay for an events (like MYC, WAVE, etc), please pay into the HBC Events account:

Events account name: HBC Events
Events BSB number: 062831
Events Account number: 10377565

Please include the name of the event and your own last name so we can best track it. 



The HBC Christian Education Centre Building Fund

We're prayerfully planning to one day buy and develop a building to use as a base to reach Newcastle. There is a tax-deductible fund setup to prepare for this. Please contact finance@hunterbiblechurch.org if you're thinking of giving to this building fund so we can issue you a tax receipt for your gift.

Building Fund name: HBC Christian Education Centre Building Fund (or "HBC Building Fund")
Building Fund BSB number: 062831
Building Fund account number: 10356289

Please include your name or an identifier so we can issue you a tax-receipt for the financial year total.