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Hunter Bible Church's 5 Top Tips for Magnification Team Success!

Strings: Brea Ryan

1. Be prepared for key changes.

The band leader may change their mind about the key on the day and it's helpful for them if we can help this change happen easily. Ways you can do this include knowing your key signatures, knowing the instrumental your playing well enough that you can put it into another key. If you struggle to do it by ear, have the sheet music and a pen ready.

2. Play confidently and loud.

This will help the quality of your sound and tone. It'll also help you have more body movement and expression, which is helpful for the congregation. If you're too loud through the mike the sound desk guys will turn you down.

3. No music stand is preferable.

It's better if you know the music off by heart so you can focus more on how what you're playing fits into the band.

4. Be aware of the harmonies

Other band members are playing around you. You don't want to clash with them.

If you have enough time, it can great to work out what you can play in the instrumental with other musicians involved. Then you can come up with a more interesting instrumental.

5. Sing if you can while playing, definitely when you're not playing anything.

Even just knowing the words is helpful for you to know

6. Bonus Tip! Listen to the arrangements that your band leader sends out.

If there's a melody or harmony you can hear on that track that you think you could play, have a crack at learning it and have a go on the day.