Singers: Niemah Jones

1. Practice singing the songs.

The difference between preparing and not preparing is big. Sing the songs throughout the week and note the difficult phrases. Work on them so that at church you aren't distracted by concentrating on how to hit the note, but rather what we're singing about.  

2. Technique:

Just like any other instrument, the voice takes practice and time in order to improve your skills and ability. Think about your posture, breath and support. Take the time to properly warm up your voice to reduce the risk of fatigue throughout practice and the service, singing for extended periods of time can put stress on the vocal folds. Also, HYDRATE.

3. Confidence: Have confidence in your voice. 

Embrace it for its unique sound and don't compare it to others in your team or at church. Remember that you are singing for God.

4. Be Humble: Again, remember why you're singing.

Your aim is to sing clearly so the congregation can follow. Keep it simple, focus on making the melody clear to someone who wouldn't know the song, so that they can joyfully follow along. That might mean losing the trills and runs.

5. (From Amanda W) Have Fun!

Don't be afraid to show emotion while singing. If you are up there leading the congregation and they see you having joyfully praising God then they will pick up on that vibe and their joy will reflect yours. We want to encourage others through what we do so that we can make a joyful sound to the Lord!