Soundies: Andrew 'Dewy' Bridge

1. Communication is key.

Sound isn’t a hide away by yourself job, the better the communication is between other soundies, musicians, staff and support the better the experience is for all. When something needs to be made more clear or you are unsure about something (be it a structure, roles or equipment) initiate a conversation with the appropriate parties, I have not been good at this.

2. We do this because we want God to be glorified, not me.

Some days it is hard to turn up on time and not be bitter or whingey about giving your time for something that does not seem to benefit yourself, we are sinful, it happens. On these days it is important to remember why we are all here.

3. Going on from the last point it is important to be relying on God.

Things go wrong… often… and when you are relying on your own strength and skills its hard to not take it personally when everything is falling apart. God humbles you real quick when you are cocky.

4. When faced with an issue, breathe.

It sounds silly but I found early on that when something would happen (sudden feedback and the like) I would freak out and as soon as that happens my mind goes blank and I can’t even solve the most simple of problems (turn down the gain to reduce the feedback). Like the last point, God is in charge and will be glorified even when I’m slightly incompetent but you have the gift of glorifying through sound.

5. There is always something that can be done.

I have found that the weeks that are slow for me, the setup goes smoothly, sound check takes no time at all and the band is just jamming, I make the most mistakes and end up forgetting to check the batteries in the wireless mics or something simple like that. Even if everything has been done, check to see if the stage is tidy, the lights are in the best locations possible and if everything is dope then you could be brainstorming ways that mag could be improved, pray or tinker with some of the features on the desk that you have not used before (compressor/expander, EQ, FX).