Drums: Hamish Batley

1. Stay humble, bury your head in the bible.

Let’s be honest, have you ever been more amazed at God (the heart of true worship) than when you were soaked in the word and saw how epic God is?

2. Be skilful. 

Practice, practice practice. Bash that pad till your hands bleed, then do it some more. Build your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Know your kit like the back of your hand. Play with the lights off. Play blindfolded. Change your set up and play with less kit available. Play along with a click at a bunch of different tempos.

3. Listen to music like you breathe oxygen.

Watch YouTube videos. Listen in the car. In the shower. At work if you can. Drum along on whatever you can get your hands on. Make beats out of anything. Learn the values of sitting back in silence and summoning a ferocious frenzy.

4. Learn music theory, learn another instrument.

This will help you understand what your band mates are doing plus leave you floored with a new appreciation of how this thing called music works!

5. Hang out with your band and soundies.

Your band should be tighter than Sweatman’s grip on a reformation commentary. If you can’t identify each other by BO in a crowded room you’re not gonna have the same propensity to play and sound awesome together. Hanging out with people in general will also help you know when it is better to shut up and listen, or humbly speak the truth in love.