Building Update from Greg 

February is when everything kicks off at church. As I write, I'm sitting in a corner of the HUB watching the setup for Women's Growth Group. I'm struck by how generous and content our people are.

But I’m also struck by the leaves blowing in, the hard concrete floors, the insulation peeling from the ceiling... the fact that we have to wrestle with every venue to make it work for people.

Won’t it be great to have a venue that works! A venue that’s bright, clean, comfortable to be in, comfortable to invite people to…. Of course it won’t be perfect. We wouldn’t want a building that’s perfect: imagine putting that first mark on a wall! But we are praying for a home that helps our family life rather than hinders it.

Keep praying for the search. New buildings come onto the market all the time and our Father knows exactly what we need. I’m excited to find out what he has in store.

- Greg

So far over $1.13m of the pledged donations to the building fund have come in. That means there's just over $700,000 in pledged donations still to come in before August. We'll be sending out a Donation Summary to people who pledged in the next few weeks (if you haven't got one, please email

You can still pledge online, and all the details about how to fulfil your pledge can be found online 


WAVE Mission Week

Thank God for the Leaders, the Volunteers, the helpers, the kids, and all the work that went into WAVE. We had over 600 unique kids and there's been a bunch of kids come to Youth and Rush and adults who've come to Life!
Please pray that God would keep using the work done through WAVE to bring people to himself.


Summer Sessions

Summer Sessions is the unichurch Summer Bible Study. It's a great chance for Unichurchers to invite friends along and kick-off the year well.
Pray that those kicking around Newcastle for holidays would not give up studying the Bible together, and Summer Sessions would help Unichurch prepare for O-Week.


Mag TEAM and Maturity Team Training

AS 2018 starts, several of our Ministry Teams have been gathering to get prepped and trained for the months ahead.

Please thank God for our Growth Group Leaders (and those who lead and look after them). And thank God for our musicians, sound techs, singers, etc. who love us each Sunday as we gather to rejoice in the gospel.


MTS G8 Conference

We have 5 new MTS Apprentices starting at HBC this year. In January they started their training by going to the National MTS Orientation Conference called "G8".

Please pray for all 9 of our MTS Apprentices and their trainers! 


Myanmar Pastor's ConferenceS

A small team from HBC went to Myanmar in January to visit Lincoln and Leah, the RBI college and Dave P. Dave Moore ran several Pastor's training conferences, helping them become better bible teachers and challenging some of their ideas too.

Please pray that the gospel would grow in Myanmar; that those who are culturally "Christian" would know Jesus truly, and that millions of others would hear about Jesus.