HBC:LakeMac Birthday

LakeMac congregation got together for dinner at Warners at the Bay to celebrate turning 1! It was a wonderful opportunity to reflect on the past year and how God has been using LakeMac congregation.

Thank God that the congregation has united as one, for people who have joined us and for those who have become Christians.

Pray God will continue to build and grow the people of LakeMac.



wave training day #1

On Sept 10th was WAVE Team Training Day where the Kids and Rego teams gathered for Bible teaching and training.

From Luke 4:14-30 we saw the Jews from Jesus’ hometown of Nazareth become furious when he didn’t put on a show of miracles, and reminded them that God is the one who chooses to bless, and he blesses his way. This was important to remember as we prepare for WAVE 2018..

Please pray for the Horse, Liv, Matt and the section leaders as they lead their teams and be praying for who YOU might invite to WAVE or talk to about Jesus, for His glory.

WAVE 2018 is on Mon 15th Jan - Fri 19th Jan.


postal vote info night

On the 21st, we gathered for an information night on the same-sex marriage plebiscite.

Greg talked through some of the issues that might affect the way that we vote and how we should approach the survey as a Christian.

Pray that we might consider how we vote in light of what the Bible says about marriage.


AIm mission awareness tour

During the last two weeks of September, 13 people from HBC visited Aboriginal Christians and AIM mission workers in Outback Australia.

The Tour provided valuable insight into what cross-cultural ministry in Outback Australia looks like and some of the challenges that mission workers are facing.

Give thanks for the Aboriginal Christians and missionaries who welcomed the HBC Team into their communities, and continue to pray that the Gospel would be proclaimed in Outback Australia.