Big Sunday

Our whole church family gathered together in one place on Sunday 27th. It was awesome! Loads of little groups eating together, kids running around… jumping castles! We asked God to glorify Jesus though us, and through any building he might choose to give us. Please continue to pray for these things.

You can listen to the talks online.

In the meantime it’s not too late to tell us your pledge. Lots of us are still thinking and praying for wisdom about how much to give or increasing our gift. Every pledge and donation helps our building team have a better idea what we have to work with.



A Home with purpose Prayer + Q&A

In the lead up to BIG Sunday, our whole church family had the chance to gather and Pray for A Home With Purpose.  This included an opportunity to ask Greg (and the Building Acquisition Committee) any questions that were floating around.

They were both great times of fellowship, thanksgiving and prayer.

Please keep praying for the Building Acquisition Committee: Greg Lee, Dave Moore, Steve Elliott, Shaun Hassall and Andrew Barnard

Please keep asking questions about the building plans by emailing 

ANations Shaun.jpg


Throughout the year many international students come and go from Unichurch and the AllNations group. One of the students talked about his return and how the government opposes the house church he attends. He would normally remove the sim card and battery from his phone to avoid being tracked while at church. 

Please pray for our International brothers and sisters as they spend time with us in Newy and that they return home stronger, or in many cases, saved in Christ!


LIFE Series

The Life Series has just finished up after 5 weeks of people coming along to check out who Jesus is. The Series is so important because there’s no other name in heaven or on earth by which mankind can be saved.

Praise God for the 21 people heading along to both The Life Series and AllNations Life. 

The next LIFE Series starts on 12th October at 7:30pm.


AIM Mission Awareness Tour Training

AIM Training day was held on Saturday 12th August for the team of 13 people who will be travelling on the Mission Awareness Tour around outback Australia for two weeks, in the September holidays.

The training day helped the team get to know one another and to think through Gospel mission in different parts of Australia. The team is looking forward to seeing how God is growing his kingdom through various ministries around Australia.

Please pray that the team will develop a passion for mission, and grow in their understanding of Indigenous mission work. Pray also that the team will be preparing well prior to their time away.