Unichurch Mid Year Conference

Unichurch spent five days at Mid Year Conference (in Toukley) digging into the Bible and what it says about the Cross and how it's the most critical event in human history, the pivotal point of the Bible, and it's ALL about God's glory.

Pray for Unichurch as they've have heard an earth shattering message and above all thank God for the opportunity to run this camp every year as it grows beautiful, God glorifying fruit.

You can listen to the set of MYC Talks online.


Live @ The Hub

On Saturday the Hub hosted the 2nd Live @ the Hub arvo. It was a great night with live music, fire-pits and fun. It was a great opportunity to invite friends along and help our friends become their friends.

Thank God for the wonderful talent we can enjoy at HBC and that relationship will keep developing through events like this.


Home with Purpose Series Starts

This Sunday saw the launch of our Home with Purpose series across all 4 congregations. We're hoping most people have got their hands on a Information Pack too.

We've put a whole lot of information online:



Newy am Ladies' Christmas in July

On Saturday the 15th, Newy am ladies gathered for a Christmas in July dinner.  

It was an opportunity for AM women to enjoy growing friendships, in a relaxed & cosy environment.  They also enjoyed a delicious 2 course meal while connecting with our sisters in our church family.  It was a lovely evening for the 38 women who attended to mingle and chat. 

Give thanks for a lovely evening spent growing relationships. Pray that women from around HBC will continue to take time in their busy lives to connect and build friendships that are anchored in Christ.  


Souper Sunday

This past Sunday, Unichurch welcomed the new semester and a whole bunch of new people with SOUPer Sunday. Everyone braved the cold before church and hung out having varieties of Soup together. 

Please ask God to help Unichurch reach more students on campus with the message of Christ as Lord and Saviour.


new family members

As term 3 started last week, we also started a new Connect Series; a relaxed series of group studies that help newish people at HBC get a clearer idea about the type of church family we are and why we believe it's important.

Every time we run the Connect Series we see how it helps people feel like HBC really is their church and that they really belong here.

Please pray for the current group doing the series and for al the new people who've joined HBC in the past 6 months!



Please keep praying for your friends and join in praying for the LIFE Series kicking off this week.

As the Life Series Starts at the Hub on Thursday nights, there is also a Christianity Explored Course starting at Women's GG on Tuesdays and Thursdays (10am), and at Mark's Point Cafe on Wednesday nights.


Kids Team Training

On Sunday Many of our Kids Team Leaders gathered at Eleebana Public School to keep getting trained as teachers of God's word along side our parents.

Our Kids Leaders cover a huge range of programs (Newy am, Newy pm, LakeMac kids, Rush, School SRE, etc). Please pray for them and for many more to join them telling kids the awesome news of Jesus.



As we go through the Home with Purpose series and think about a church building, we've really loved hearing all the questions people have raised. Questions are great! They help the Elders, Staff and Building Team be careful and faithful.

You can always email questions to building@hunterbiblechurch.org. But we'd really appreicate your prayer. Come and join us on Aug 9th to pray for a building, our city and ask more questions.