Equip Women's Conference

HBC's women had a great opportunity to gather as a family and watch a live stream of the Equip Women's Conference at the Hub on the 27th.

This year they got into 1 Corinthians 11 and looked at what it means to be a woman in the sight of God

One of the best things about Equip17 LiveStream is that ladies from AM, PM, LakeMac and Unichurch get to spend time together, encourage one another and spend time in God's Word.

Pray that we would value Gods word and listen to it. Pray that we would continue to think through the roles of men and women in church and how we can glorify God.


Finance update

Please take a moment to pray about our church finances. After a good start this year, our giving has struggled to meet budget and cover all our expenses for the past few months.

Please prayerfully consider God's desire for every Christian to cheerfully and generously give to their church. If you haven't started giving regularly, or you think you should be giving more, please act soon to arrange a regular gift to the church bank account or set up a direct debit to church.

See some thoughts on God's giving principles.


HBC Marriage Seminars

30 couples from different services attended the HBC Marriage Seminars. They looked at how to create deeper intimacy through meaningful communication and explored relationship roles in a Christian marriage. There was laughter, some tears and, at the end, many beaming couples.

Dave Allen even arranged for free babysitting so many were able to go on a child-free date that night!

Give thanks for the people who came to babysit children and thank God for the opportunity these couples had to come together and work at deepening their relationships. Pray for them as they seek to apply what they learnt in the coming months.


SMBC Kids Ministry Training

Earlier in May, many of our wonderful Kids Ministry Team woke up early to go to SMBC's Kids Ministry Training Day. The whole day was based on the book of Acts, best summarised as “The message of the risen Lord Jesus cannot be stopped!”

The day challenged our Kids Team to keep handling God’s Word carefully and make sure passages are distilled for children rather than watered down. Everyone came back with a heap of practical tips that they can put into practise. 

Keep praying for all our leaders to keep being grown by God’s Word themselves, to be diligent in their preparations and for energy to keep engaging their kids with the wonderful message of the risen Lord Jesus, even when it is hard.

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Little Buds Lunch

The Tuesday Little Buds Team were the guest of honour at a Tuesday Women’s Growth Group lunch on the 16th. Butter chicken, salad, roast chicken, chocolate raspberry muffins and much more was enjoyed by the Little Buds Leaders alongside the Women’s Growth Group ladies and the kids.

The ladies were keen to show their appreciation to the team for loving and serving the kids each week.

Please keep praying for Sam Koster, Laura Reed and their teams that they would teach the Bible clearly to the kids each week.


AIM Mission awareness meeting

Rob and Jenni Alley from Australian Indigenous Ministries visited us on from Taree. They ran an info session with a bunch of people who are interested in attending the Mission Awareness Tour they are running in September.

It was a great afternoon of getting to know Rob & Jenni better and hearing about their work raising awareness of the opportunities for cross-cultural mission in our own backyard! If you would like to know more email aim@hunterbiblechurch.org

Please pray that the trip in September will be a great time of growth for those who attend, and that they will come away from the trip keen to live for Jesus and passionate about the work God is doing in Aboriginal communities. 


Prayer for our pastoral staff

Please keep our pastoral staff team in your prayers. Over the past few months, we've been getting help from other Christian groups, as well as being able to provide support to others also. We recently hosted a church management forum with pastors from England, Australia and America involved. Please join in praying for our leaders and for the growth of faithful churches around Australia and the world.


Register for Big Sunday

As we approach buying a building, August 27 is going to be an important day in the history of HBC. We're planning a Big Sunday; all 4 congregations together from 9.30am - 3.30pm. And it's the type of day that you move mountains to come to.

Big Sunday is FREE, but we need to know you're coming so we can organise catering. Please register now.

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MTS Apprenticeships 2018

At HBC we're keen to raise up the next generation of gospel workers who will plant and lead churches and ministries across Australia and beyond. We partner with MTS to offer two year hands-on ministry apprenticeships. Contact MTS@hunterbiblechurch.org to find out more.