AM: Connect 17

AM:Connect17 was a great day at Swansea for the Newy:AM family to hang out on the last Saturday of March. Young and old had fun playing cricket, paddling canoes, drinking tea/coffee, riding bikes & billy carts, sliding down hills on ice-sleds, drinking tea/coffee, playing tennis, etc.

It enabled conversations and relationships to be deepened, the sort of thing that comes just through time and shared experiences.

Pray for connections to strengthen between our Newy:AM family members, to laugh together through the fun times so we can cry and pray together through the tough times.



On the 6th, PubSessions returned for 2017. PubSessions is a two hour weekly gathering where HBCers are able to participate in ministry training and hear a 'PubTalk,' where we address a current big issue in our world and how the gospel speaks into it. 

Living our lives shaped by the Gospel gives us competence, confidence and conviction to serve Jesus in a world that is hostile to Jesus. Pray that through PubSessions HBCers would be equipped for a lifetime of making disciples and serving Jesus.



Our musicians from across all four congreagations gathered for a day of song-writing on the 25th, with Trevor Hodge. We were encouraged to write songs that glorified our great God.

Thank God for providing our church with talented people to help us praise Him every week and the time to gather for a song-writing day.


Live at the GT Bar

On the 8th, musicians from HBC put on a free music gig at the GT Bar on-campus. Live at the GT bar was a chance for our friends who don’t know Jesus to rub shoulders with people from church. 

Our hope is that it’ll help merge the worlds' of non-Christians with Christians and that in doing so will provide opportunities for us to share the gospel and our lives with them, that they might be saved.

Pray that we’d keep having opportunities to tell those who came along about Jesus.


Big Ideas Night: Scripture

60 people from all 4 congregations met to learn about the doctrine of Scripture at the first Big Ideas Night on the 15th. 

Scripture is God's word to us - authorative, inspired, sufficient, infallible and clear - so it's right that we thought hard about our convictions here!

Pray that we might value Scripture as a church and be reading it regularly personally, in families and in all aspects of church.


DumplinGS with the girls 

Last Wednesday, the women of UniChurch gathered with their friends for a night of homemade dumplings and had good quality time together.

The night provided a way for Unichurch girls to invite a non-Christian friend along, and by God's grace there were 12 non-Christian girls who came along!

Please be praying for them to be having gospel conversations in the following weeks with their Christian friends. 


Building Acquisition Committee

March kicked off with the Building Acquisition Committee meeting to discuss HBC's plans to buy a building in the future.

Please thank God for the spaces HBC has been able to meet in over the years and ask God to provide the funds and the facilities for a purpose built HBC home.

There'll be more info about our prayers and plans at the HBC AGM on the 12th.


what's coming up...

HBC Annual General Meeting - 12th April at the Hub

At our Association AGM we go through some formal requirements for our legal association, but we also get the chance to thank God for the year that's been.

This year we'll also be going through some more info about our plans for a HBC Building.

Good Friday: 10am 14th April at Lambton High School

We'd love to invite you to come and celebrate Easter with us as we dig into what Jesus means when he says, "It is finished."

There's a full kids program that will run for ages 0-12.

Click here for more information..

Unichurch Men & Meat - 6th April

Youth @ KYCK - 7th-9th April

HBC:Lake Mac Picnic Lunch - 9th April

HBC Public Bible Reading Club - 19th April

LIFE Series Starts!! - Wednesday 3rd May

Equip Women's Conference (Life Streamed from Sydney) - 27th May

HBC:Lake Mac Weekend away - 2nd-4th June

Youth BreakAway Camp - 30th June-2nd July

Unichurch MYC - 19th-23rd July

Big Sunday - all 4 congregations - one day conference - Sunday 27th August