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18 people (5 international students) have come along to check out the claims of Jesus at the Life Series during February!

Praise God for his compassion in bringing them along. Ask that he would have mercy on their souls and that we might continue to do a good job of sharing the good news with them.


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On the 18th, our Unichurch congregation gathered for Launch17. Here, Unichurch had the opportunity to refocus and prepare for the new students arriving and a year of proclaiming Jesus’ name in Newcastle.

Pray that Unichurch would make a real commitment to see their primary focus for this year ito fulfil the purposes of God in this world for God's glory alone.

Pray that Unichurches will continue to do a good job at welcoming and loving people into church. 

Pray that God would be pleased to use Unichurch to bring many to himself.




Last Sunday our church family stuck around after church to share a meal and chat together.

It was a great time for regulars and new/ish people who've recently joined us this year to spend time together.

Pray that we would continue to spend time with one another in our day to day lives as well as thanking God for the good and hard times we share together.


Unichurch & O-WEEK 

O-week kicked off last week at the University, with hundreds of new students filling the campus for orientation.

It's also a week where Unichurch gets to meet these new people through a load of activities such as leafleting, walk up and door knocking. We also ran a girls high tea, a beach hangout, park soccer and a BBQ dinner before church.

Pray for all the people that came into contact with Unichurch, and that we would love them into our family and help them connect with HBC.


Growth groups kicked off

Growth Groups have now started across all congregations including, for the first very time, Lake Mac!

Being part of a Bible study group is a great way for us to be growing together to become more like Christ and to love our brothers and sisters.

Pray for all our Growth Groups and wonderful leaders, including your own.


Chinese New Year

All Nations and Reality hosted Chinese New Year on the 11th, where they cooked dumplings, ate delicious food, played games and conversed with one another, before kicking off Unichurch in 2017.

The night was a great way for our International and Australian students to meet and build relationships, as well as providing an opportunity for non-Christians to meet Christians.

Thank God for bringing together people from every tribe and nation into his family through Jesus and pray that the non-Christians who came along might be saved.


ELDers and Association News (AGM Notice)

Notice of HBC Association Annual General Meeting. 12 April 2017 at the HBC HUB.

Please try to come along to the AGM of the HBC Association. There's always some formal things to get through, but we'll also be talking about the plans and prayers for a HBC Building.

The other news is that the wonderful Bronwyn Thomas has decided to take a well-earned break from being an Adviser to the Committee of Elders. Bronwyn has been part of the Committee since May 2013 and has served our church with faithfulness and wisdom. Please join us in thanking God for Bronwyn.