On the 17th of December, we hosted Carols in Lambton Park. It was a wonderful evening of singing and remembering the birth of Jesus.

Praise God for the thousands of people who attended from across Newcastle and for everyone who made the evening work.

Pray that those who attended would join us for WAVE or our Summer series on 'The Real Jesus.'


Christmas with HBC

Over Christmas, we celebrated the birth of Jesus on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. We had over 600 people come and hear how Jesus is their saviour. 

At Christmas Eve at Lake Mac and Christmas Day, we had an all-ages church service that the whole family was able to enjoy. Thank God for the team of people and preparation that went into making these services accessible for everyone.

Pray that the visitors over Christmas would continue to consider the importance of Jesus's birth, and would consider investigating Jesus further.




On the first Sunday of December, Newy pm and Unichurch gathered for baptisms. It was a great afternoon of joining with our family as they declared their trust in Jesus.

Thank God for Yazmin and Will, and pray that God would help them to endure for the rest of their lives.



Youth Summer Camp

Over the first weekend of December, HBC Youth went away for Summer Camp. They dug into 2 Timothy and were challenged to consider how their identity was shaped by living under God, and how they walk in their faith.

Thank God for the Youth Leaders who have taught the Bible faithfully over the last year. Pray that Youth, particularly those finishing up high school, would make Gospel-centred choices and find their identity in Christ.


PM & Unichurch Family Dinner

Before Baptisms kicked off, PM & Unichurch gathered for a family dinner. They were able to share a meal together, and spend time with their extended church family.

Thank God for the people who cooked and provided food.

AllNations Colour1.png


In 2017, 40 individual non-Christians came along to All Nations Life and Investigating Christianity. This represented 10 countries and 11 languages with 5 people becoming Christians!

Praise God for our international brothers and sisters. Pray that all those who have heard about Jesus through AllNations would be convicted of the Gospel and share it in their home countries.


Carols clean-up

After Carols, we had a team of volunteers join together and clean up.

Thank God for all those who willingly gave up their time to serve our church and the local community.