Over the last month the Building Acquisition Committee has continues to progress on their various projects involved in this phase. We've continued to keep an eye on potential sites for sale and we've contacted various commercial real estate agents to let them know the type of properties we're interested in.

Collecting Traffic Data

We're aware that whatever property we eventually buy, we'll be required to submit a Development Application which will need to include some traffic reports and studies. With these in mind, we're planning to conduct some current traffic surveys around our Sunday services and Hub events.

Further Legal Advice

Now that pledges have begun to be filled, we've continued to get further legal advice about managing the fund and ensuring we're fulfilling all our legal requirements. Please thank God for people like Neil who can help navigate these waters.

Financial management while we look

In conjunction with the HBC Finance Committee, the funds received so far have been put to work in a stable high-interest account. This means they're earning over $2200 in interest a month towards the building.