WAVE Training Day #2

The WAVE Team gathered for the second time on Oct 14th. They learned from Luke 9:52-61 that Jesus was gracious to those who rejected him, yet had stern rebukes for those who wanted to follow him for selfish reasons.

Pray that the team would desire to proclaim the kingdom of God rather than be part of the β€˜in’ crowd on the WAVE team, and be gracious with those we encounter during evangelism. 

Now is also the time to be making deliberate plans to invite people along to Carols, Christmas church and WAVE!

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MTS Mission Minded

Over the October Long Weekend about 70 HBCers (including old friends) gathered with brothers and sisters across Australia for a conference focused on the value of Gospel Ministry.

Pray that as a church we would raise up more and more Gospel Workers, not for the sake of HBC, but for the sake of God's Kingdom. Pray for our brothers and sisters considering paid Gospel Ministry. Pray that as a church we would continue to invest generously in the Gospel and God's Kingdom both with our own time and money.


Big Ideas Night: Marriage & Divorce

On the 25th, we gathered for the final Big Ideas Night of the year. We heard from Dave Allen, Greg and Jo on  God's plan for marriage and divorce. 

Pray that our understanding of marriage and divorce would be built on a solid foundation of biblical truths.


The Connect Series

The Connect Series has been running for the last three weeks to help new people join church well, to meet other people from around church and to learn what our church is all about.

The Connect Series helps people see what God is passionate about, and therefore what our church is passionate about. Pray that all the people checking out church will join well, and that we will all be living for Jesus as part of our church.


The Life Series

The Life Series kicked off two weeks ago and is designed for people to investigate who Jesus is as it's only through Jesus that people can be saved.

Give thanks for the 12 people at regular Life and the 5 people at AllNations Life.

Pray for the team and their friends as they share the gospel with them and that God would have mercy on them. 

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Building committee update

The BAC (Building Acquisition Committee) has begun to turn it's attention to the next stage of the plan to find a property. Some news to let you know about; We've invited Kirsty Tepper to join the committee to help advise as we look at sites. We've looked at several sites for sale but none presently meet our needs. 

Financially, of the $1.9m pledged, the Building Fund already has just over $1m deposited.

Praise God for the generosity of his people and keep praying we find a great site to buy or develop.

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Church Finance Update

"See what great love the Father has lavished on us" 1John 3:1

The love of God is such a great encouragement to be generous and support gospel work.

For our church, at the end of September we're about $50k into our savings.

Start giving now and help us make up the difference... 

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Financial Plans for 2018

Come along to the Gospel Investment Arvo on November 12 - 1pm at the Hub. We'll be going through the plans to invest God's money into God's kingdom in 2018.

One of the BIG news items is about plans for a new Youth Pastor!