It was great to stop and ask God to graciously work in and through our Lake Mac congregation plans! Keep praying for 30,000 in Newy and Lake Mac.



Over 230 Unichurchers got stuck into God's big plans for the universe and what that means for our big decisions at MYC2016.

Check out the talks online here.



A bunch of Newy:AM families spent a rainy afternoon together at the hub... good fun hanging out together with snags, froyo, and a bit of nerf mayhem.


LIFE term 3 kicks off

Please pray as our term 3 Life Series kicks off again. There's already over 20 people interested in coming along to the various events.

You can still invite your mates... Thursday night 7:30pm at the Hub. Let us know if you do!


LIVE at the HUB

Live at the Hub was an idea that a couple of HBCers dreamed up and turned into something awesome. Live music and chilled vibes on a Saturday arvo for you and your unchurched friends!

Thank God for the opportunity and pray that we'll get to try it again.



Dave (DJ) is married to Katie and has been part of the HBC pastoral staff since finishing MTS in 2013.

Dave covers lots of areas at HBC... He works with Sam Hilton, helping the Unichurchers become missionaries to those around them. He helps out with Growth Group leaders at PM and also helps co-ordinate all our pastoral purposes at Unichurch and for the uni.

Please thank God for Dave and Katie, and pray that God would keep growing them and using them to bring Jesus glory in Newcastle through HBC.


Finance Update

Please thank God for the spiritual gift of generosity.

Over the last 2 months, we've seen an upturn in giving to meet monthly budget. However, after the first  months of giving being behind budget, there's $44k of expenses that we need to make up before the end of the year.

If you're a regular at HBC, Galatians 6 says it's good for you to share the financial costs of running the church and reaching the lost. Please prayerfully consider setting up a regular transfer to HBC today (account details here).