On May 28th, nearly 100 women from HBC watched the live feed of Equip Women 2016. The topic was "Freed" from  1Corinthians.

Thank God for the opportunity to gather together and for the great teaching from women for women. 



Some exciting news as we're only a few months from launching our new Lake Mac Congregation. We've locked in the location; Eleebana Public School, and the time; 4:30pm on Sundays.



While we're not in the financially tricky situation we were in last year, we want to keep you updated. We've seen a slow but steady drop in giving over the past few months. This looks to be attributed to a significant percentage of HBC regulars who haven't started giving regularly or have stopped regular giving.

Why give to your church? Read about it here.

How to give to church? Check it out here.



On the 22nd, the Mag Team had team training at Lambton High School. 

"Last Mag Team Training was all about Crafting Great Sundays with the focus on developing skills. We ate together, wrestled with Jesus and the early church in Acts 2 and learnt loads from a bunch of experienced musos and techies from within our church. Next MTT, Jon Baldwin the Magnification Pastor from EV church on the coast is investing in us. Pumped!" - Pete M



May's Mission Training day was a great encouragement as all three congregations came together to learn how to better engage non-Christian friends with the Gospel. Seminars were really helpful in unpacking how to intentionally build relationships, and help people thinking about Jesus in a non confrontational way. 

Get excited for the next Mission Training day with Sam Chan August 8. He'll show us how to be involved in the lives of those around us, so that we can share Jesus with them!



The extra toilet has been completed at the Hub! Yay. So, if you're there with your kids, or the other toilets are in use, please feel free to use the all access toilet.

Also, as we're all using things at the hub, don't leave things for other people. If you see something around the hub that needs doing, please go ahead and help out by getting it done.



On May 13, our College Growth Group, Reality, headed to Tahlee for their weekend away. 

"We had a great time, 50 people came along including some wonderful alumni who served us by feeding us. We worked through the book of Philippians and we're reminded the the Day of Christ is approaching, to stand firm and preach Christ until that day arrives." - Shero #IHFTW


Reading Group

It can be fun and challenging to read theology together.

Our pastor for Maturity, Richard Sweatman, will be reading a recent Systematic Theology book over the next year or so and is keen to meet and discuss it once a month or so with anyone interested. It's called 'The Christian Faith: A systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the way' by Michael Horton. Email richard@hunterbiblechurch.org if you'd like to know more.



pastoral team Spotlight - Pete Munday

As our staff team grows, it can be hard to know who's on the pastoral team and what they do - so we'll do a spot-light every month.

Pete Munday is married to Rach and is one of our Magnification Pastors. Pete finished his MTS Apprenticeship in 2014 and joined the pastoral team part time. Pete's responsible for helping us as a church to love God in song. He recruits, trains and guides our musicians, our music selection, our song leaders, sound techs and projector screen drivers. Even though Pete mightn't be up the front leading music every Sunday, he's behind the scenes every week, encouraging, growing and developing our many teams who help us praise Jesus' glory. He's always looking for people to join this worthy task - so email pmunday@hunterbiblechurch.org if you're at all interested.


Committee of Elders Update

We reckon it's really valuable for different pastoral staff to have a spell on the Committee of Elders. So after 10 years of faithful service as a Committee member, Sam Hilton is stepping off the Elders Committee for a time. That will give him a bit more time to focus on Mission - especially with the Lake Mac congregation starting up. Taking his place, Pete Witt is jumping onto the Committee for the time being.

Please thank God for Sam's role on the Committee over the past 10 years! Please pray for Pete and the whole Committee - that they would do a great job of protecting the values of our church for Jesus sake.




  • Chloe to Lauren & Greg Shepard


  • Amelia Ogilvie & Peter Billingham
  • Damien Parish & Rachel Levick
  • Matt Hearne & Chloe Murphy