Kicked off Long-term Hebrews Series

After 5 years working through Romans, we've just kicked off our next long-term series in Hebrews!
Sermon audio will be up online soon!


Annual General Meeting 

On April 6th we had our Church Association Annual General Meeting. We spent time reflecting on how God used 2015 to grow our faith in him through ups and downs.

As always, we want to be really transparent about al our legal and financial dealings. Please feel free to ask ANY questions and you can check out all the reports - including the audited financial report - online here.


HBC:Lake Mac Congregation Update

With only a 110 days to go until we launch our Lac Mac Congregation, there's been heaps of praying, planning and meetings going on.

There's about 30 people who have committed to being on the launch team. We're praying there'll be 70 on team when it kicks off in August.

We've found two locations (both schools) that are happy to have us - pending a few more discussions - but both are a bit further away than we'd hope. We're still looking at some locations closer to Warners Bay.

Please pray we'd reach loads of people and that everything would fall into place for launch!


Youth went to KYCK

A bunch of our senior youth went along to KYCK - a conference for Youth Groups from around the state. As to be expected all we've heard is that it was "good", "fine", "okay".

But seriously, sounds like it was a great weekend away for these young guys developing their faith and love for Jesus.


HBC Kids Spotify Playlist

Here's some tunes we're doing with kids at church on Sundays. You can listen to them yourself or put them on for your kids at home!



LIFE Series Starting and Going

The Unichurch LIFE Series is about to hit week 3, the Colleges Life Series is about to hit week 4 and the AM/PM LIFE Series is about to kick off on May 12.

We believe that Jesus saves as we proclaim his gospel, so we're really excited about LIFE and all the people check out Jesus this term.

Please pray that God would bring people, open their hearts to hear and believe!


Hammo South gets some good press

One of our Mission Partners, Hammo South Jesus Church, got a pretty nice write up in the local Herald last month. Check it out here.

Keep praying for God to do great things and save people through Hammo South and the ministry there.


Lots of events coming up...



  • Lachlan Frawley & Julia Fluit on April 16th
  • Jessica Mead & Tully Clark on April 23rd
  • Seb Brown & Hannah Thomas April 30th


  • Caleb & Hannah Dobos welcomed Elliot on the 4th April
  • Kate & Chris Green welcomed Emily on 12th April

Hope that's helpful!

Dave Moore