There was so much to be thankful for on Good Friday... Jesus' sacrificial love at the cross, brothers and sisters getting baptised, over 600 people at church with us - lots of whom were visitors.



It was a great encouragement to baptise friends... celebrating new life and Christians declaring their trust in Jesus. Another Good Friday thing to be thankful for!
Lets remember those guys in our prayers - that God would hold them help them endure.



A few weekends back, a bunch of musically-gifted HBCers went away for the weekend to prayerfully write songs that help us express our love for God and God's love for us. Thank God for his gifts to us in these people, and look forward to hearing some of their fruits of their labour.


Church Finance Update

Two months into 2016 and we've got some details about how we're going this year - financially. We ended 2016 with 6 straight months ABOVE budget, thank God! That put us in a good position to deal with the usual dip in Jan and Feb. Both months had a reduced giving amount, and a higher than normal expenses (WAVE, Hub work, other annual bills). So we're sitting about $28k more expenses than giving for the year, but we expect expenses to level out, and many new people to start giving (and other regulars to re-start giving).

Please thank God for all his financial gifts and the spiritual maturity that's required to be generous.

Get more info about giving here on our website.


Over 600 adults in Growth Groups

An exciting milestone got hit this month... in 2016 there are over 600 souls meeting regularly in HBC Growth Groups; whether in homes, at Womens Growth Group, LIFE Follow-up Groups or Newish-Groups.

Thank God for his work growing us in his word with more and more of his children!



This Easter Weekend our AllNations group went away to Tahlee to spend time together in God's word.

It's been so exciting meeting so many overseas students. Please pray that God would be at work growing them in their knowledge and love of him.



  • Sam Koster & Brontie Harvie on 26th March


  • Pete and Alex Krause welcomed James

Sorry if I've missed anyone!