Christmas Carols in Lambton park

On the 18th of December, HBC hosted Christmas Carols in Lambton Park. It was an amazing time spent with family and friends whilst joining in singing carols. We estimate there were about 7000 people there at least!

Thank God for all the hard work of those involved in making carols happen and everyone who attended. Pray that locals would consider coming to WAVE and Church this January.


Christmas with hbc

Over Christmas we had our Christmas Eve and Christmas Day church services where we celebrated the birth of our Saviour.

For the very first time, HBC had two Christmas Eve services which ran at Lambton and Eleebana. Our Lake Mac service had over 130 people!

Praise God for the 578 adults and children who joined in our Christmas services and pray that they would come to celebrate Christ too.


Youth Camp

Youth took away it's biggest group of kids to their final camp for the year. It was a great time where they went camping in tents (and sometimes without) and heard solid bible teaching.

Thank God for all the Youth leaders who have served this year, and pray that our Youth kids would continue to be keen for knowing our God more.


RUSH FINIshed for the year

On the 9th December, our primary-aged kids program ended for the year. The Rush Team ran an excellent last day of activities at Lambton Park. Thank God for the work of our Rush Leaders in sharing Jesus with these kids.

If you're keen for your kids to continue learning about Jesus during the holidays, register them for WAVE Kids Club at www.wavekids.com.au . 


PM Mexican Night

On the 11th of December, PMers had a Mexican Night following the service. It was a great night where we got to enjoy an awesome meal together.

Thank God for the helpers and the awesome opportunity to hang out together as a congregation. Pray that new people and regulars would keep feeling welcome!


photo (1).jpg

MTS leavers

The end of the year means that a number of our MTS Apprentices have finished their apprenticeships. For many of them, they will be heading off to Bible college, new jobs and new places. 

Please give thanks for our MTS Apprentices, for their hard work and pray about the challenges that lie ahead.


How we ended the Calendar Year

Oct-Dec were better months, but overall it looks like we've ended the year quite far behind budget. However, the graph doesn't capture a steady stream of giving to the Building Fund. So overall our everyday accessible cash has depleted, our building fund cash has increased.

Could you kick-off the 2017 year with a one-off donation to church to help recover the buffer?



Jack Maddison & Bethany Dean - September

Nick Shepherd & Emma Free - November

James Taylor & Rebecca Palmer - November

Sam Brentnall & Olivia Pain - December