The purpose of the WAVE Sensory Room is to provide kids with sensory and other agitative issues a place to calm down so they can re-join their WAVE section. The WAVE Sensory Room team, also aims to provide WAVE Sections with on-the-spot calming strategies to help kids stay in their sections.

Prior to wave

A Sensory Triage team member will liaise with parents of children who may have sensory or agitative issues prior to WAVE to discuss needs and potential strategies. This information will be shared with WAVE Section Leaders.

During WAVE

Primary contact will be Sensory Triage Person who:

  1. Has list of potential sensory room candidates from online registration information. They will check with the Rego Team which kids are in attendance that day, and any other new registrations with sensory needs.

  2. Goes between relevant sections seeing how kids are engaging with program. Intervenes where necessary to facilitate child staying with section.

  3. If necessary, escorts child to sensory room for time to calm down, monitored by sensory room team.

  4. Responds to emergency “red zone” incidents to help child calm down. SL to call direct on mobile.

Feedback to parents

If child has remained with section the whole time, verbal feedback given to parent at pick up.

If child visited Sensory room, a written record will be given to parent at pick up.


If you have further questions, email wavekids@hunterbiblechurch.org