WAVE 2018 Key Info

Section Leaders


WAVE 2018 Key Info

Section Leaders



Sat June 17th              Section Leader Training Morning

Sun Sept 10th             Team Training Day (incl. lunch)

Sat Oct 14th                Team Training Day (incl. lunch)


Sat Jan 13th                WAVE Setup and Training Day (lunch & dinner)

Sun Jan 14th               Pre-WAVE Sunday (lunch & dinner)

Jan 15th -19th            WAVE Mission Week (lunches & dinners)

Fri Jan 19th                WAVE Families Picnic

Sun Jan 21st               HBC Services




You’ve been asked to lead (with a co-leader) a team of kids leaders to prepare, encourage and orchestrate a Kids Section at WAVE. There are certain skills that are helpful in leading a team of people, but most important is your character.

A leader who is a mature christian, repenting of sin and striving to glorify God in all they do makes a good leader of people. Skills to lead well can be learned (we will teach and support you), but a gospel-driven heart comes only from the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit.

Leaders of HBC and your peers have identified this gospel-driven heart in you and we think you would make a great leader for WAVE 2018.


What's involved - the big picture

What's involved - the big picture


Our prayer is that God would use the people of Hunter Bible Church, through WAVE & Carols, to engage Newcastle with the gospel of Jesus Christ, and so bring glory to himself.


We want KIDS to:

  • walk away from each day of WAVE excited and enthusiastic about the program,
  • hear clear (age appropriate) explanations of the gospel,
  • come to church on Sunday with their parents,
  • join Sprout, Kids Church &/or RUSH/Youth.


  • have an experience of WAVE that is professional and friendly,
  • walk away from WAVE confident that their kids have been cared for and loved,
  • be engaged appropriately with the gospel in the coffee tent and through conversations with church members/staff,
  • experience church members seeking to build relationships with parents from the community,
  • connect into church/LIFE/WGG.


  • be excited about the broader opportunity to proclaim the gospel,
  • get pumped about personally engaging in mission,
  • personally invite non-Christian contacts to WAVE,
  • make-up 10% of kids dept. & 80% of other depts.


  • be excited and energized for ministry in 2017 through seeing the gospel transform them and others,
  • be stretched in ministry skills as they are given opportunities to serve,
  • grow in their commitment to serving Jesus at HBC,
  • have a renewed commitment to Christian maturity (prayer, godliness, bible reading, and evangelism).

What's Involved - section leading

What's Involved - section leading

The main role of the Wave Section Leaders is overseeing their section. This includes:


  • recruiting people onto the WAVE Kids team for allocation into a specific section,
  • confirming section members and ensuring completion of online team registration and HBC Online Child Protection Training (with support from WAVE admin team),
  • ensuring that the team is ready to be actively part of the wider team.


  • ensuring that teaching standards are kept high and are age appropriate,
  • allocating responsibilities to section team members,
  • following up and supporting section team members in their responsibilities,
  • budgeting,
  • building a team with a variety of skilled members in mind (music, craft, kids’ talks, games etc.).


During the year and WAVE week the expectation is that you will be keeping up with your team members and where they are in their walk with Christ.

what principles should i keep in mind as i lead my team?

You’ve been asked to lead a team of people, not just get a job done.

PRAY - Our efforts are for the sake of souls. Only God can change hearts and bring people into His kingdom. Praying individually, as co-leaders and as a team will help maintain this vision for all of us.

PEOPLE - Your team will have varying levels of maturity and godliness. Communicate well and often, care for them as people through encouragement and appreciation, and seek to grow them in faith and ministry skills.

PRODUCT - High quality programs, activities and presentations project value towards the kids and conviction of what we want them to know - Jesus as their Risen King.



What do I need to Organise?

What do I need to Organise?

Teaching program

The teaching program for WAVE is set by HBC’s Kids Pastor in fairly broad terms. It will be up to Sections Teams (led by you) to decide the best way to teach that program in an age-appropriate way. This is best done with:

  • The same person MCing your section for the week,
  • The same person/character giving the kids talks each day,
  • Great crafts that reinforce the lessons each day.
  • Games and fun activities for kids to enjoy so they want to keep coming back each day. There is a variety of equipment already belonging to HBC that can be used/utilised. Best to coordinate with other SL’s to manage these.

Physical Space

  • A theme and appropriate decorations will create a space (classrooms or tent) for your kids and activities to take place.
  • Chill Zone - A quieter corner in your space with cushions and quiet activities for kids to retreat to if/when over stimulated.
  • Floor coverings (especially in tents) to protect from insects and grass irritations.
  • Facilities for craft activities.
  • A painted calico banner (blank one provided) to identify your section name.

Other ideas:

  • Borrow from others,
  • Collect recycling resources for construction activities,
  • Make your own resources (eg, 10 pin bowling from 1.25L plastic bottles),
  • Craft activities - plan early and collect resources

Who’s there to support you?

Who’s there to support you?

The Kids Team Coordinators are there to support you. Most of this will be done through Section Leader Training Sessions throughout the year (see key dates).

Kids coordinators: Matt Hearne & LIV VANDERHOUT

Their main role is overseeing the Wave Team doing the Kids Club. This will be mainly done through liaising with section leaders and includes:


  • recruiting section leaders,
  • supporting section leaders as they build their team.


  • keep a biblical perspective,
  • clearly communicate expectations of their section members,
  • communicate with their section members, through the week of WAVE,
  • care for their sections through the week of WAVE,
  • implement the teaching program and allocate responsibilities.


  • coordinating training days
  • keeping a biblical perspective,
  • clearly communicating expectations of team,
  • clearly communicate teaching material,
  • equipping sections with skills needed to teach & enrich the program to a high standard,
  • providing opportunities for section leaders to gather and communicate with their team,
  • supporting section leaders in setting a high standard of teaching & enrichment (craft, games, activities, etc.).


  • keeping a biblical perspective,
  • establishing and maintaining good morale,
  • encouraging team bonding,
  • encouraging adequate rest,
  • clearly communicating expectations of team,
  • liaising with other Wave Team Coordinators when needed.

What will the year look like?

What will the year look like?

Here’s a timeline to help keep things on track. Your Kids Team Coordinators will be touching base regularly throughout the year to see how things are going and support you through any ‘speed bumps’ that might pop up.


  • Section Leaders Training Morning May 20th (end week 11)


June (Exams, Holidays)

  • Recruiting onto the Big Team through Expressions of Interest Form


July (Holidays, MYC)

  • Recruiting continues



  • SL Training #1 (2 weeks prior to TD1)

  • Setting quality expectations



  • Training Day 1 - Sun 10th Sept 

  • Section recruiting and rego cont.

  • WAVE Sunday Planning and Recruiting

  • Training Day 2 Planning

  • SL Arvo Tea #2 (2 weeks before TD2)

  • Supporting and encouraging SL’s.

  • Help SLs with quality control.



  • Training Day 2 (Sat 14th Oct) (end of 2nd week back from Mid Sem break)

  • In School advertising. (SRE, school newsletters)

  • Supporting and encouraging SL’s.

  • Help SLs with quality control.


November (Exams, Holidays)

  • Section Days for organising and bonding.

  • Matt and Liv to meet with SLs in lead up to WAVE.

  • Supporting and encouraging SL’s.

  • Help SLs with quality control


December (Holidays)

  • WAVE Saturday planning

  • Mat and Liv to meet with SLs in lead up to WAVE.

  • Broader advertising - Carols, SRE assemblies



  • 13th WAVE Saturday

  • 15-19th  WAVE Kids Club!

WAVE Timetable

WAVE Timetable

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

Can I recruit HBC YOUTH kids onto WAVE?

YES, with the following considerations:

  • Senior Youth in the evenings of WAVE week is their priority. This is where they can be ‘on mission’ to their friends. If they are tired, then morning is when they will need to rest. They are invited to be part of the Evangelism training but not compulsory like for the rest of the team.

  • Teens going into Years 9-10 should be considered ‘apprentices’ to learn the ropes of being on the WAVE Kids Team. Don’t give them specific responsibilities.

  • Teens going into Years 11-12 can be considered ‘senior apprentices’, they could take on specific responsibilities partnered with an older team member of the same sex.

  • Teens mostly rely on their parents for transport so communicating well, in writing, helps these families plan.

  • Communicating with HBC Youth kids is best done via a social media group (FB group) where the parents are invited to join and be part of the communications to the whole section (they’re great at collecting recyclables for craft activities too).

What’s the go with kids with additional needs?

We love having these kids attend WAVE, it is a great witness to these families that Jesus loves all people, even those that are often difficult to love. Should a child require specific 1-on-1 supervision then this will come from a specially recruited ADDITIONAL NEEDS team so your section is not put under strain.

How many people will I need in my section?

NB: The following numbers do not include Youth kids who will be in years 9 & 10 in 2018.