Some Hunter Bible Church (HBC) members enter into SRE teaching arrangements with other churches in the Newcastle and Lake Macquarie area to provide Christian Special Religious Education (SRE) in selected NSW public schools including but not limited to:

  • Jesmond Public School

  • Heaton Public School

  • New Lambton Public School

  • The Junction Public School

  • Kotara South Public School

  • Kotara High School

Hunter Bible Church is an Approved Provider of SRE in NSW schools.

Approved teachers of SRE from Hunter Bible Church are authorised by a staff member and have been deemed to:

  • have a personal faith in Jesus,

  • be actively growing in their faith through regular attendance at church and Bible Study groups,

  • understand and have the ability to communicate the basic tenets of the Christian faith,

  • display character traits necessary to engage children and/or teens in lessons from the bible.

Approved teachers of SRE from Hunter Bible Church:

  • are identified by name and association with HBC by wearing name badges whenever on school grounds,

  • have verified NSW Working with Childrens Checks (WWCC) and have completed Safe Ministry Training where they agree to a code of conduct in line with NSW DoE Code of Conduct.

  • have been trained in classroom management strategies, understanding the authorised curriculum, delivering the curriculum with sensitivity and age-appropriate activities and using classroom technology.

Depending on the combined arrangement with other churches, SRE teachers from HBC will use either the CONNECT or GODSPACE curriculum to provide a consistent learning curriculum for students as they progress through their learning stages. The Scope and Sequence for each of these can be found at the following links:

GodSpace Scope and Sequence
Connect Scope and Sequence

To find out further information about the content of lessons, which curriculum is being taught at a particular school or to ask questions about what your child is learning in SRE please make enquiries to info@hunterbiblechurch.org with the school your child attends and his/her SRE teacher’s name. A reply can be expected within 5-10 working days.

The curriculum and processes of SRE teaching by members of Hunter Bible Church are reviewed at least every 5 years.