As a church we want to be a people who live with Jesus at the centre of our lives. We are praying that Newy am Weekend Away will be an opportunity to spend time with one another and sit under the transformational power of God's Word and Spirit.


"It was really wonderfully encouraging time; easy to sense a lot of work behind the scenes had gone on to ensure that while we were there, things ran well and easily - a great way to love us all. Great choice of venue, speaker, MC, kids team - the camp was a really tremendous time."


Where + when

LUTANDA TOUKLEY (1 hour from newy) | FRIDAY 1st - SUNDAY 3rd JUNE

It would be great to start planning ahead for the Friday afternoon to try and get down there and ready for the first session.


Dave Mcdonald


Dave is the National Director for the Fellowship of Independent Evangelical Churches. He has previously been the senior pastor at Crossroads and Stromlo churches in Canberra. Dave is married to Fiona and they have four children and two grandsons. 

After a ministry apprenticeship and studying at Moore Theological College. In 1989 Dave worked with AFES and in 1996, planted Crossroads Christian Church. In 2011, Dave was suddenly hospitalised with a shock diagnosis of 'incurable' stage 4 lung cancer. He was only given a year to live but God graciously extended his life and returned him to good health. Through his experience, God opened the door for Dave to minister to other cancer patients, and to write a book called Hope Beyond Cure which speaks of the eternal hope he has in Jesus Christ. 


what will be happening over the weekend?

Four massive sessions on ---- along with praise in song and prayer

A big seminar on our personal worship

Stacks of free-time to RELAX, RE-CHARGE & RELATE to one another as we build unity and fellowship in our AM family. There will be opportunity to grab a coffee, have a yarn and catch-up, have a siesta, sit around the camp-fire and/or play some backyard sport.

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The costs are set as low as possible. Included: All accommodation, all food (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner & supper) and kids team expenses.  (Please note kids 0-2: are free).

We don't want finances to be an issue for anyone or stop people from missing out on such a fantastic weekend. The benefit of a weekend away like this for our whole church family at PM will be well worth the financial costs. For those of you who might struggle financially - please let us know at newyamwa@hunterbiblechurch.org or touch base with one of the pastors.

TWO NIGHTS: Family 2 Adults & 2+ Kids $ 410

TWO NIGHTS: CABIN | Kindergarten - Adult $135

TWO NIGHTS: CABIN | CABIN: Pre-School Kids $50


ONE NIGHT: Family 2 Adults & 2+ Kids $ 220

ONE NIGHT: CABIN | Kindergarten - Adult $70

ONE NIGHT: CABIN | CABIN: Pre-School Kids $30


0-2 $FREE


Day Visit - $40pp



A common room contains 6 beds (bunks) and an ensuite. There is also 10 rooms of lodge accommodation. These include: 4x Double, Bunk, Single & Ensuite | 4x Twin & Ensuite | 2x Double, Single & Ensuite. The lodge style accommodation costs $15 extra per adult / per night and will be prioritised for people who may need this type of set-up.

Our goal is to accommodate and love everyone from families with a couple of kids, to couples and singles. We understand that people can have different ideas of how to be comfortable during a weekend away together. That's why all room placements will be discussed extensively with every family & individual.

This will mean some people have the option to have more room to themselves, so that as a church family we can be loving people who might have particular health or social concerns. For example, a couple or someone with social concerns might prefer the twin room lodge style accommodation. That's fine! We're happy to help out with any concerns; whether it be more comfortable for you to share a room only with people you know, of if there is trouble with finances. 


What's the plan for the kids?

For those who attend RUSH & YOUTH on Friday arvo/evening we would love for you to prioritise coming down for entire Weekend Away. So for this week if you have to pick between one or the other we would love to see you down at Toukley on the Friday night

For youth kids we see this as an opportunity to serve on the kids team Saturday and Sunday. They get some great weekend aways throughout the year and this is an opportunity for them to serve both their littler brothers and sisters and Christ as well as all the adults as they model and mentor the younger crew with a servant-heart.

There will also be Kids Team Leaders who will lead and run the entire kids program over the weekend. During the night sessions these guys will be monitoring kids who have already been put to bed, running activities for those kids who are still awake. Saturday and Sunday mornings these teams will be running a four hour block full of Bible Teaching, fellowship and fun activities.


WHat should i do now?

Pray | That God would use this weekend away to help us drag Jesus back to the centre of our lives and grow together as a family of believers at Newy am

Chat | If you're not sure or have any questions let any of the pastors know.

Be Available | Try and lock in getting down for session one on the Friday and stay for the whole weekend and keep a couple of easy nights either side of the weekend :-)



Can't wait? Contact Scott Curtis - scurtis@hunterbiblechurch.org

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