Sharing Generously

With Hunter Bible Church


Sharing Generously

With Hunter Bible Church

As a local fellowship of Jesus’ heavenly church, HBC’s prayer is that God would use us to bring Jesus glory… that we’d help people become Christians, live as Christians and stay Christian in a loving fellowship. We depend on the fellowship giving towards the financial needs of the church and its leaders. If you consider yourself part of the fellowship at HBC (learning, loving and being loved with us), we want to encourage you - like Paul encouraged the Corinthians - to give cheerfully and generously to the HBC General Account.


Transparency & Accountibility

The HBC Accounts are administered by the HBC Finance Committee and overseen by the Committee of Elders. No paid-staff can withdraw or handle money. All transfers are triple or quadruple verified. All accounts are independently audited annually. Also, all senior staff are willing to have anyone in the fellowship view their personal finances together with a committee member.


How, When and Where?

HBC encourages people to assess their financial situation, their personal obligations and their heart’s deceitfulness before determining an amount to give to church. Like Paul suggests, it seems wise to give regularly. The best way to do this is to set up a regular transfer from your bank account to the HBC General Account. This should continue even when you are away from church, as you remain a member of the fellowship and continue to share its passions and prays to see people saved and growing in Christ. If you cannot give by direct bank transfer, you can put cash and cheques in the red boxes at the door on Sundays. If you have the option, it helps our Finance Committee’s planning if gifts are made monthly (at least).

To give to the work of the gospel and the church family at HBC, direct your giving to...

                Church account name:   Hunter Bible Church (Commonwealth Bank)
                Church BSB number:                     062831
                Church Account number:             10012160

We encourage people to label their transactions with their congregation and some unique identifier. E.g. “Lambton:am Witt” or “PM:ilovejesus2292”.



If you have any questions about money, how we should think about it or how HBC uses it, please do contact us. David Moore is our Executive Pastor ( who deals with our Staff, Elders and Finance Committee. Or speak to any of the pastors on a Sunday.